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  • Fangning You
    Chongqing Hosp.
  • Background/Objective
    Limited research exists on the association between Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease (UCTD) and pregnancy outcomes. This study aims to assess pregnancy outcomes, identify risk factors for disease progression, and evaluate adverse pregnancy outcomes (APOs) in UCTD patients.
    Maternal and fetal outcomes of 106 UCTD pregnancies were included, dividing patients into APOs (n=53) and non-APOs (n=53) groups. APOs encompassed miscarriage, premature birth, pre-eclampsia, premature rupture of membranes (PROM), intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR), postpartum hemorrhage (PPH), stillbirth, small for gestational age infant (SGA), low birth weight infant (LBW), and birth defects. Differences in clinical manifestations, laboratory data, and pregnancy outcomes between groups were compared. Logistic regression analysis identified APOs and disease progression risk factors.
    Of 106 pregnancies, 2.83% ended in miscarriage, 3.77% in stillbirths, and 93.39% resulted in live births. Preterm delivery occurred in 18.86%, SGA in 5.66%, LBW in 16.03%, pre-eclampsia in 10.37%, IUGR in 6.60%, PROM in 17.92%, PPH in 9.43%. Hematologic impairment affected 35.84% of patients. APOs group showed higher anti-SSA antibodies (73.58% vs. 54.71%, P=0.036), leukopenia (15.09% vs. 3.77%, P=0.046), and lower haemoglobin levels (P<0.001). Non-APOs group had a higher proportion of low-dose aspirin use (39.62% vs. 20.75%, P=0.034). Leucopenia (OR=0.82, 95%CI: 0.688–0.994) was an independent APOs risk factor (P=0.042). Fifteen patients (14.15%) progressed to definitive connective tissue diseases within 5.00 (3.00, 7.00) years. Raynaud's (HR=40.157, 95%CI: 3.172–508.326) independently predicted progression to systemic lupus erythematosus in multivariate analysis.
    UCTD correlates with adverse pregnancy outcomes. Pre-pregnancy and pregnancy tests are crucial for predicting disease progression and APOs. Rigorous rheumatologic and obstetrical monitoring is recommended.
    Research & Clinical Focus

    Undifferentiated connective tissue disease

    Adverse pregnancy outcomes

    Disease progression

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    May 18 11:10-11:20 Room Room3 Free Paper Session 18 (10:30 -11:20) Epidemiology & Public Health I (KO-093) Pregnancy risk and undifferentiated connective tissue disease